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K2 offers coaching and strategic marketing since 1985. Thanks to its unique proprietary method, K2 helps mid-size enterprises grow their sales, revenues and profits rapidly. We not only recommend strategies, actions, means and tools that deliver clearly above average results but we execute them in a creative and professional way.


If I had 20 days to solve a problem, I would take 19 to define it.
-Albert Einstein

The creation of a strategic commercialization action plan and "client-centered" communication tools… The real solution to rapid sales, revenue and profit growth.

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Why choose k2
Our success but most of all our clients’ success are due to our specialization in one area:
The marketing of B2B products or services.
We have developed a unique marketing method that insures tangible, rapid and durable results.
We are strategic, have accumulated a long experience and adopted cutting edge practices.
We accompany our clients all the way, executing our recommendations with creative flare, relevance, focusing on results.
We also help our clients deploy our recommendations to insure their success.



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